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videos to dvd

Video Tapes begin to break down after 20 years, to avoid losing those Precious Memories transfer your tapes to a current digital medium such as DVD or Flash Drives. Once on DVD or Flash drive, we can make as many additional copies as you need. Great as gifts or for that rainy day when everyone gathers to watch memories of days gone by.

Video To DVD

$10.00 Each 2 Hours

Flash Drive Option

$12.00 Each 2 Hours
Includes DVD plus Output to a .mp4 file on a flash drive

*Plus Cost Of Flash Drive

Video Formats

We transfer all consumer formats including VHS, VHS-c, 8mm, Digital 8, Mini- DVD and Mini-DV. We will transfer up to 3 Videos to one DVD if the total running time is less than 2 hours.


We can fit 2 hours on one DVD. Please have your videos numbered if you want us to transfer in sequence. Remember, some videos may have up to 8 hours on them and will require multiple DVD's.

device options

We can make additional copies of your master DVD's for $5.00 Each. With the Flash Drive option each video will be output to an individual file such as .mpg or .mp4, we can fit multiple videos on one 16gb flash drive.

Shipping Option

If you cannot make it to our Springville location. Ship your Media to our Safe and Secure UPS pickup location. We will call you directly to discuss your order. Please see order form link below.

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