488 Waverly St

Springville, NY

Store Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 9:00-5:00


Slide Scanning

Do you still have your slides in carousels or boxes taking up valuable space. Maybe your looking to downsize and would like to transfer all of those slides onto one small flash drive. Using top of the line scanners and software such as Photoshop we will scan, crop and enhance each and every Slide. 


    1 - 200   .50 Each
201 - 500   .40 Each
501 - Up    .30 Each


We scan your slides with the latest Scanning hardware and software yielding the highest quality scans available. We scan each slide at 2500 dpi. All slides must be loose and out of carousels if shipping them to us. If brought into our store slides can stay in trays carousels.


Each slide is scanned and cropped to remove unwanted borders and edges. We also apply filters to enhance image quality adjusting contrast, color, vibrance, etc. You will receive all of the original scans plus the enhanced scans at no additional cost.

Additional Info

Please have your Negatives numbered if you would like your images scanned in a certain order. We can also break up your images into separate folders on your flash drive for easy organization.

Shipping Option

If you cannot make it to our Springville location ship your Media to our Safe and Secure UPS pickup location. We will call you directly to discuss your order. As always, you will recieve your originals back in the condition they were sent to us.

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