488 Waverly St

Springville, NY

Store Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 9:00-5:00


LoVE your classic records and cassettes

If your like many people you no longer have that Cassette Deck or Record Player but want to preserve those old media formats. Let us transfer your Records and Cassettes to the current media of your choice including CD’s, Flash Drives or Audio Device.

Records To CD

$10.00 Per Record

Cassettes To CD

$10.00 Per Cassette

Songs Tracked

We will take your Record Or Cassette and track it, FREE of charge. Tracking is the process of converting each song into individual files.

Audio enhanced

We will do our best to enhance your Record or Cassette by raising or lowering volume, removing hiss and hum or other distortions.

device options

If you prefer we will transfer your audio files directly to the device of your choice such as Flash Drive, Media Player, Cell Phone, etc. An additional FEE may apply depending on device selected.

Shipping Option

If you cannot make it to our Springville location. Ship your Media to our Safe and Secure UPS pickup location. We will call you directly to discuss your order. Please see order form link below.

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